How Does Our Rescue Work

We are an international Golden Retriever rescue and have been since incorporating our rescue in 2016.  We rely on passenger and cargo flights to transport the Goldens from the horrible conditions in some overseas countries.  If passenger flights are unavailable, cargo flights are our only option and they are much mre expensive.  

Our adoption fee for a pure bred Golden 5 years or younger is $2,000.  Older than 5 is $1500.   Since our adoption fee only covers some of our cost, we have to make up the difference in fundraising just to break even.  Additional fundraising to bring the remaining Goldens home is above and beyond. 

Adoption fee covers travel to the U.S., rabies vaccination, parvo/distemper vaccination, microchip, wellness exam at our U.S. vet and fecal test.  We treat existing ailments that identified during the wellness exam.

We notify potential adopters through email at: https://goldenswithoutb orders.us13.listmanage .com/subscribe/post?u=7952fac3544760b2e7 cdc765f&id=3b926c7f15

Apply to Adopt a rescued Golden Retriever here.
Applications are reviewed by our adoption team and may take a few weeks to process. If a match is identified, a GWB adoption volunteer will contact you.
All dogs coming to the U.S. must have a current rabies certificate, parvo distemper vaccination and a valid health certificate issued by a full-time veterinary D.V.M. from the originating country. We follow all USDA/APHIS, U.S. Customs and CDC requirements when transporting our rescued dogs.
A lot of research was performed by other U.S. rescues already saving these international Goldens. The best and safest way to transport live animals from one continent to another is to fly in air-conditioned, pressurized cabins, just as humans do! We purchased extra-large airline crates and take all measures to ensure the safety of the dogs in their flight, engaging several partners. We rely on both passenger and cargo flights to transport.

On average it costs $2500 to save an international Golden.  Passenger flights are typically less expensive per dog than cargo flights. Our adoption fee only covers some of their travel cost and we fundraise to make up the difference. 100% of donations we receive go to the rescue of the dogs.

The National Rescue Committee of the Golden Retriever Club of America supports our effort, as there are no Golden Retrievers being put at risk in the U.S. because of this rescue. Every Golden Retriever rescue in the country has a waiting list of people who want to adopt a Golden.

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