Jessy Girl

"She has restored 100% of our happy that waned during the Pandemic…so I guess she was actually the one who rescued us. “

Nope!! Nope!! Nope!! Nope!!!!! That was all I heard in June of 2019…….”NOPE we are NOT getting another dog. It is too heart-breaking when they go to Heaven!” So I just cried all the time and explained to my sweet husband that I NEED a dog…..and I wanted to rescue another golden retriever.Through our friend Cathy Roper, I was referred to Goldens Without Borders, a non-profit 501c3, here in Henderson NV. I had heard great things about them……so I called and Sheila Donnelly, the founder, came to our house the very next day for a home visit/approval visit to foster or adopt a GWB dog. We had already filled out an application to foster/adopt.

Sheila told me about an 18 mo old female golden retriever  named Jessy who was flying to Vegas in the next few days with a passenger from South Korea.


In my husband Bill’s words (below), this is how it all went down for him… After losing three special Goldens, I did not want to love then lose another one in my senior years. Then I was coerced to going to the airport just to see one arriving from South Korea.

She was rescued from a certain fate at a slaughterhouse. Her name is Jessy.

Well, out of the crate and off we went to find a place for her to pee, and she had me… She went to a foster home for a couple of nights and we met again at her first vet visit.

She was excited to see all of the people but kept trying to sit on or next to me.

The Vet said she had Heart Worm and would need to be treated, but otherwise she was healthy.

It did not matter, she went home with us and has been the most loving dog we have ever known.


She is now the “Princess” in our family. We don’t think about the sadness of losing our other Goldens. Instead we are enjoying each happy day with Jessy.

In MY own words, Jessy is without a doubt the pinnacle of goldens as I see it. She gives love, she gives companionship, she is a sharing soul, she obeys, she never argues, though she can be stubborn. LOL Like me! And the minute she meets anyone, they fall in love with her. She has restored 100% of our happy that waned during the Pandemic…so I guess she was actually the one who rescued us. And Yes, she does sleep on the bed with us every single night.

-Doris & Bill Brackney

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