Rescued Love From Taiwan

Rescued Love From Taiwan is a group that brings rescued dogs from Taiwan to the United States. They work with rescue groups in Taiwan and California to coordinate fostering and adopting of these precious dogs. There are thousands of stray dogs in Taiwan. Many of these are purebreds. We have a demand in California for these breeds. We work with … Read More

36 Abandoned Golden Retrievers Rescued From Turkey

The Pet Lodge in Alpharetta, Georgia is a pretty golden place these days. The newest residents are 36 golden retrievers, rescued from the streets and shelters of Istanbul, Turkey. Lauren Genkinger, the founder and head of Adopt a Golden Atlanta, led the effort to bring the dogs to Atlanta. “This is the largest known rescue of golden retrievers internationally, ever.” … Read More

Golden retriever rescue group brings dogs here from Puerto Rico

Golden Retriever - Rescued from Puerto Rico

Though he grew up on an island, Cano never set paw to beach or frolicked in ocean waves. The golden retriever still hasn’t worked up the courage to swim in the backyard pool of the Manheim Township home he now shares with Sandy Jones and Joanne Pursel. He has, however, learned not to fear an outstretched hand, stairs or a … Read More

Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon takes on abandoned street dogs from Taiwan

Golden Retriever - Rescued from Taiwan

An Oregon dog rescue is reaching across the Pacific Ocean in its commitment to rescue golden retrievers in need of help, no matter where they’re located. Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon has been working with a Taiwanese rescue to take in dogs that were taken on as puppies and then abandoned when they grew to their full size. So far, … Read More

We need to spread awareness about the dog meat trade in Korea

sky the golden retriever 2

We need to spread awareness about the dog meat trade in Korea. While the thought of eating dog meat is abhorrent to Americans, the dog meat trade thrives in Korea and throughout other Asian countries. Dogs who are part of this cruel trade are kept in extremely crowded conditions, deprived of ample food and water, and never given proper veterinary … Read More