Happy Thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving Eve to my second family! It’s been a very crazy week with sick kiddos at different times and with different sicknesses! I’ve been wanting to do some writing and post a blog but that stay at home mom life has kept me from doing anything extra. As I’m writing this it’s 7:20pm and I’m watching a Christmas movie with Aria as a yearly tradition. Well this is the first year I’ve included her! I usually decorate my house for Christmas the day before thanksgiving and enjoy it all to myself in the evening after I get the kids to bed. I would normally open a bottle of wine and start a Christmas movie and just enjoy the moment. I always enjoyed the anticipation of having all the family over the following day. This year Aris is old enough to stay up for a while longer after her brother goes to bed. So here we are enjoying the new Christmas movie Noelle on Disney Plus while eating some popcorn!

Thanksgiving is usually my favorite holiday at home as we normally have all of our family together. My brother and his family live down south near Pismo and they usually make the drive up here for the day and the weekend following. I truly look forward to this every year. When I found out a couple months ago that they wouldn’t be coming this year but rather visiting my sister in laws family in Arkansas I was really bummed. I started thinking about how Thanksgiving wouldn’t be as fun as it normally is since I wouldn’t have my brother and my kids wouldn’t have their cousin! How different it would be this year. Well turned out I was about to have an even bigger issue! Unfortunately sickness entered my house at the beginning of this week and has really affected my kids! Aria started the week out with a stomach bug and it’s looking like my son has contacted mouth, hand, foot virus, and I now have a head cold. There’s been lots of whining and crying and not just from my kids if you know what I mean.

The stress of getting my house together, getting all needed groceries on my end, prepping for company, and taking care of two sick kids while not feeling great myself has been a bit overwhelming. I’m honestly tired and feeling drained. Just tonight I needed to remind myself what thanksgiving is really all about. Thanksgiving is a beautiful reminder to be thankful and realize our blessings. It’s really not about the perfect “company ready” house, the actual company, the famous food dish, the football, or the crazy Black Friday shopping. Thanksgiving is a time of year we should be reminded to BE thankful for everything and everyone in our lives. It’s a time to reflect and be still.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t fully exhausted from my two sick kids who need constant attention. However It has truly been a reminder of how blessed I am. I will always be thankful I was able to conceive them, carry them full term, and deliver them safely. I have two little people that consider me their entire world. Two little people who rely on me, trust me, and love me unconditionally. They made me their mom and being their mom is my most proud role to date and I never want to take it for granite. I have a wonderful husband who works very hard to support our family, and somehow he’s still just as in love with me as he was 11 years ago. My parents are healthy, retired, live close by, and help me with anything and everything. I have a few close wonderful friends and am forever thankful to have each one of them in my life.

I want to let my GWB family know how very thankful I am for you. As I’ve said before there was a time when I was searching for a way to have Goldens back in my life to help heal my broken heart from losing Jewels of 10 years. I contacted many breeders and many rescues. GWB rescue has been such an answer to prayer. Not only have I been able to foster and love on Goldens again, but I’ve been given the wonderful opportunity to be GWB blogger, and Ive had the privilege of meeting some amazing people in this rescue. So tonight I want to thank you all. Thank you for your support in reading my blogs, thank you on behalf of GWB for your physical support such as being a foster or choosing to adopt, and thank you to those who have made and continue to make very generous donations. This rescue and many of you have brought me such healing and joy! So today I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I want to encourage you to think about all the things your thankful for and why this thanksgiving. I know the holidays can be very hard on some of us, but I want us to be reminded to be thankful for the things and people we do have in our lives. I for one know it’s hard when traditions change but instead of focusing on those things we have no control over let’s embrace our new traditions and make some new memories this thanksgiving!

I really hoped to write more but my son already woke up crying and my daughter hasn’t stopped talking and making noises during this movie! I sure love my crazy little family! HAPPIEST OF THANKSGIVINGS to you all, from my family to yours! Make it the best one yet!

Golden Jewel 💎

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