A Rare Ruby

What a beautiful and sweet soul i see inside of Ruby (formerly lemon). Ruby is only my second foster but it truly amazes me that these Goldens are opened to love again. I’m sure we all know that dog spelled backwards is god, and I don’t believe that was by accident either. I am biased to Goldens but it sure is true. I truly feel that goldens will never stop believing in humans, they will always look for the good, and they will never fully be closed off to love.

A little over a week ago I drove to the airport ready to bring home whichever Golden was meant for me. The experience this time was amazing. I was able to finally meet Sheila and Teresa and a few other adopters, while we all waited in anticipation for these 8 golden babies. Is it just me or is it just a bit more exciting picking up a Golden from the airport over an actual person!? After much waiting we all FINALLY saw the kennels being pushed out from behind the wall of the gate! There were FIVE kennels with the most BEAUTIFUL Goldens inside!

We all grabbed a cart so we could quickly transfer each kennel from the trolly. I end up naturally gravitating towards one of the kennels and without knowing who it was I was immediately bonding! I have not seen a more precious red face! As it turned out this sweet girl was Lemon and she did NOT have an adopter yet! There we’re three babies that didn’t have permanent homes yet so I was able to foster one of them. Well Lemon stole my heart the moment I put my fingers through her kennel to rub her head. She was very calm and even gave me kisses. The moment she kissed me i fell in love! Plus she reminded me so much of Jewels!

After a few hours it was finally time to load my sweet girl up and make the drive back home. Sweet Lemon was an excellent passenger and didn’t make a peep! When we got home I came inside to get my husband to help me lift her out, and this time since it was so late I brought my labs out at the same time. I had my labs smell my hands then had them watch us get her kennel out of the car and bring her up to our porch. My labs just smelled and this time didn’t even bark. As I opened the kennel door, Lemon carefully came out and started smelling around the yard!

What a wonderful introduction this was! Seemed everyone was getting along and no one seemed territorial, jealous, or dominant! After some exploring outside for Lemon we all came in to try getting some sleep. Lemon did find a bone outside that she brought in with her. I’m overly cautious with food and toys since I do have my sister labs and two small kids. I kept collecting the bones and putting them above the fridge but I must have missed one. I decided to get the bone from Lemon and she did startle me with a growl/bark! I though to myself okay I’ll just leave her be for a bit and pick it up when she’s done. After some time she did leave it be and my labs didn’t even care that she had it!

I had her new bed ready in my bathroom next to my side of the bed with a baby gate up. Seeing as how this worked for my first foster Fate I was hopeful it could work for Lemon too. She cried some and I could tell she was restless so I let my husband get some sleep and I took her and her bed into our living room and closed the doors. She continued to pace back and forth and couldn’t seem to calm down. I laid on the couch and put her bed right below me and tried coaxing her onto her bed. She really enjoyed her head rubs and when I would stop she would reach her paw up on my arm! This is the moment I really melted over her. I continued to rub her head and she slowly and carefully made it onto her bed and finally laid down.

Unfortunately she didn’t stay like this and kept getting up to pace around, so I figured she needed her kennel to feel safe and get some sleep. Sure enough that worked like a charm! I however had too much adrenaline and was worrying about her and how she would do with my kids the next day to get ANY sleep! I’m talking I pulled an all nighter! I even started my day with the dogs at 5:20am when my husband left for work. I literally sat on my porch and let the dogs continue getting to know each other and play. Since it was so early I was able to watch the sun rise and listen to the roosters crow which was really nice! Around 6:45am my kids woke up. My daughter was super excited about another new dog so she was up early!

I told Aria that we needed to think of the perfect name for her, and I wanted her to help me! She thought for a minute and suggested Courtney. How cute right? I said okay let’s think of a few more! When I did some looking up of names for Goldens I saw the name Ruby. Wow this name was perfect for her as it truly fit this sweet red faced girl. Aria liked the name too so we gave her that name then and there! It amazed me how quickly she began to respond to her name. She learned fast that when we said “Ruby” we were talking to her.

I absolutely loved how calm she was. Every time I pet her and give her love, she would just sit down and enjoy it! I’m so used to my high energy labs that this was a nice change. One thing she would do that I absolutely adored was get SO excited every time I let her out of her crate. So every time I ran an errand and every morning when I let her out she would cry, wag her tail, then sit down and put both front paws up on me. So precious right!? She really enjoyed playing with my labs and roaming around our property. I would find her many times during the day sleeping on the porch with my labs enjoying the heat from the sun.

I had sweet Ruby in my home and daily life for a short 8 days. Sheila found the perfect family and home for this sweet girl. When I talked to Nissa on the phone and learned she had rescued her sweet boy from taiwan, I knew she would be a great fit. I knew she would have the patience and the heart to help Ruby become her best self. Although Ruby is the sweetest girl and the most lovable baby, she needed someone to really take the time to work with her. Oh the hard life she endured in her 3 years of life. She has a large scar on her back from being burned, and you can tell she has bad dreams. She sometimes would wake up barking, or hear a noise, or just get nervous if she didn’t see me and go into her kennel. If my dogs or even my husband tried getting close she would give a warning that she needed to be alone. As soon as she would see me though she was okay and would come out.

Absolutely heartbreaking and devastating that this horror goes on overseas. These babies are angels and I will never understand why anyone could harm them. There are days I wish I could do more but for now I can foster and will foster any Golden that needs me. Before I was ready the time came for Ruby to go with her new family. I put my labs away and allowed Nissa and her sweet family including her precious rescue Finn to roam my property and get to know Ruby. This truly was a sweet sight to see. They were so patient with Ruby and fell in love right away and were prepared to take her home.

My sweet Ruby got nervous when we brought her kennel outside with her baby toy inside it. She went inside of her kennel and started barking the moment their sweet dog Finn got close to her. If I’m being honest this was the hardest part for me. It broke my heart to see her nervous again plus I knew it was time to say goodbye. I just didn’t want her thinking that I was giving her away because of something she did. Probably not a realistic thought, but this was what I was thinking! She continued barking and would only come out of her kennel when I knelt down and called her name. Once she was out we all calmly talked to her and walked her and all her belongings out to the car. Her and her new brother jumped in the backseat of the vehicle and were prepared to go. I could tell she was still nervous for obvious reasons so I wanted to give her a bit of space too and not get right up in her face.

I started crying as this was my final goodbye to her. Even as I’m typing this I am still emotional and find myself in tears. I told Ruby that I loved her and she was going to her new wonderful home with a beautiful, kind hearted, and patient family. I told her to not be scared but to embrace them and enjoy her new brother 🐾. My husband Jesse noticed I was struggling, so he came up behind me, put his hands on my shoulders, and told me it was ok. He said I did well and everything was going to be ok. I gave Nissa her leash as it was still connected to her and thanked them for their hearts to adopt sweet Ruby.

I have to remind myself often that it’s not about me at all, but about whoever I am fostering. This was going to be a great home and Ruby will now live a life of freedom and a life filled with love. I did my job as her foster. I picked her up immediately from the airport and embraced her right away. I brought her into my home and I gave her food, water, a bed, a baby, tennis balls, but most importantly love and human contact. Sheila had to remind me that I will always be her first human relationship she’s had. I was able to show her that not all humans are evil and that a dog should always be loved and treated as family. I will always cherish the memories I made with her, and I will always have gratitude to her for leaving more paw prints on my heart.

I saw many glimpses of my girl Jewels in her. She most definitely contributed to the healing of my once broken heart. So long my Rare Ruby, enjoy every bit of your new life! You will forever be in my heart.


Golden Jewel 💎

5 Comments on “A Rare Ruby”

  1. Oh Alicia. I cried reading your blog and my heart goes out to you for fostering these Goldens. Knowing they’re going to good homes will help heal your heart.

  2. I loved reading your story. God Bless you and all of the fosters that make this all possible for Sheila and her rescues.
    I cried as I read your story of saying farewell to sweet Ruby.
    I will be adopting in January and am so excited to be a part of watching one of these sweet souls to learn to trust and blossom in love.
    I have had 4 Goldens, but never a rescue Golden. I will be a blubbering mess when I meet my new fur baby.
    I was very involved in farm animal rescue from 2014-2018 until I moved out of state. We often rescued horses from a kill pen in Eastern Washington. I will never forget one of the horses choosing me as his person. It was a beautiful black Morgan with the most incredible mane. I climbed over the fence and he saw me from the other end of the pasture. He galloped with great speed toward me, stopping on a dime in front of me. I stood there, which was risky with a 1100 pound horse speeding toward me, but his ears and body language told me that he was happy and friendly. He forced his face under my arm and was “purring”. I broke into an ugly cry, burying my face in his neck, telling him that he was safe now, and so loved. It was a moment I will cherish forever.
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Awh! You’re such an amazing writer and who doesn’t love a good cry over an amazing story! Goldens ARE the best and playing such a huge and important role as a Foster Mommy is both the best and most heart wrenching journey to experience. Thank You and your family for fostering. I sure love being a foster mommy too… it is just so amazing to see the huge transitions these babies make!

  4. Cried and cried….so touching. Each rescue has bern through so much. We can only pray that their forever home Really is forever!

  5. Oh Alicia…you write from the heart and we can all feel the love you give your fosters through your words. Although are China Golden’s are safe and being taken care of, the first feeling of true human compassion is with a foster for these babies. Thank you for you and are other GWB Fosters do. You tell your story from the heart and they are beautiful to read.

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