Saved by Grace

Good morning and happy November 1st! Really tho how are we in November already?! Holidays are officially upon us and I don’t know about you but IM excited! This is arguably the BEST time of year! I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween yesterday! We sure did. My daughter dressed as Snow White and my son went as Spider-Man! So FUN! Wondering how many of you dressed your golden babies up and went out? I hope they enjoyed dressing up if they did! Today I’m excited to talk about one of our special Goldens who arrived a week or so ago.

Let’s get to know Grace! If you didn’t know already sweet Grace is our 7 month old blind puppy. She was rescued from a slaughterhouse in China and is believed to have been born blind. Most likely the cause of her blindness was from lack of nutrition while inside the womb. Which means her poor momma wasn’t taken care of. Thankfully Grace was found and rescued and caught her freedom flight to the states!

Alexa and her husband are fosters for GWB, and jumped at the opportunity to foster Grace. They learned about GWB through Facebook, then filled out the application, and have been waiting for their first baby! From what Alexa has told me they are in love! Grace is described as being such a sweetheart and hasn’t let her blindness bring her down or stop her from living her best life! So many giving people helped contribute special toys that would benefit Grace since she is blind. She received a Halo for her collar that helps avoid injury to her face, and toys that have sound so she can learn to play fetch!

Grace has been a perfect houseguest! Alexa says Grace has an amazing ability to adapt to new places. She always scans each room and if she’s unfamiliar with the room she will walk every corner to learn where everything is. After about a week Grace has learned where the doggy door is and what it it is used for! She enjoys going in and out as she pleases and hasn’t had a problem with accidents in the house and knows to go potty outside! It sounds like she’s loving her outside freedom!

Alexa can tell that Grace relies heavily on her other senses which would be her hearing and her smell. Once Grace becomes familiar with someone or something she relies and counts on them as well. For example when Grace sleeps it makes sense she may feel more vulnerable, and because of that she wants to be touching either Alexa, her husband, or one of the other two dogs in the house. So you can find Grace at her foster families feet, or even a paw out touching her foster siblings. I’m sure this brings such comfort to sweet Grace. Grace has had no problems at all with her foster siblings and just seems to love everyone she meets!

The only challenges Alexa has noticed for Grace would be taking her to new places, ESPECIALLY if it’s noisy. The loud noise makes it difficult for Grace to hear and focus on the voice of her foster mom. She also seems to get a bit nervous and will want to do her circles so she can figure out where she is and what’s going on. Also going on walks will take Grace some time to learn and get comfortable with. For now she is able to follow her foster sibling and let them lead her. Overall Grace is doing amazing and learning everyday. She is a bit under weight but that is to be expected. She is now eating well and will soon put on some healthy weight.

From what I’ve seen on social media and have learned from Alexa, Grace seems to be pure joy. Here we have this young 7 month old puppy who was rescued from horror and brought to the states to be saved, and to finally have all the love in the world. Who knows what she endured her first 7 months of life inside of a slaughterhouse. I for one find it inspiring that after what Grace has been through she can still find trust in humans again. She is ready to love, and ready to FIND love and companionship in return. She hasn’t let her blindness slow her down, she has stayed brave during her travel and new foster home, and she is continuing to still bring joy to everyone she meets.

I think we can all learn something from Grace. No matter how hard our life has been in the past, no matter who has done us wrong or let us down who maybe shouldn’t have, no matter what debilitating event we may have had to walk through and survived, it’s crucial we ALL remember that it IS okay to move forward and begin trusting again. It IS okay to love again, and it IS okay to let love back in our heart. If we stay closed off there will be many beautiful things we could miss out on. As it is officially November and the month of being thankful let’s BE thankful. We all were blessed to wake up and see another day. We get to make today whatever we choose to make it. Just know today that It is a blessing to be YOU. You are special, cherished, and loved. Smile today and if you haven’t yet open your heart up to receive something great, because YOU ARE GREAT!

Thank you Alexa for sharing your experience thus far with Grace, and Grace, thank you for teaching us a little something about life today. As always thank you for reading!

Golden Jewel 💎

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  1. What an powerful story. Yes we have so much to be thankful for and thank you for sharing this incredible story. Grace you are one awesome golden and such a example of perseverance!!! We can never give up. ♥️

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