The Golden Years

Here’s a phrase I know we have all heard before, “The Golden Years”. I’ve been really thinking about this a lot these past few days, and am hoping this blog brings us all some encouragement. What does “The Golden Years” even mean, or when do those years start?

I remember a few years back, I had elderly neighbors come and see me weekly to get their hair done. The wife suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and the husband made sure to keep up with her weekly tradition of getting her hair set and styled. How sweet right? Every Friday when she came in i would re-introduce myself to her, and she would tell me how cute my salon was and how very nice it was to meet me each time. What a very sweet and wonderful woman she was. Unfortunately she got progressively worse over that year and soon past.

The husband continued seeing me for his monthly haircut, and I would listen and encourage him as he worked through his grief of losing his wife of over 60 years. I remember him telling me something more than once. He would tell me often “Alicia, The Golden Years aren’t when your older, and retired like they say. ITS RIGHT NOW. Where YOUR at in life are your Golden Years.”

I’m sure it’s safe to assume we all agree time is not our friend. How many times have we all wished to be able to pause the clock and live a little longer in that moment? Or how many of us see a picture and realize just how long ago that was and wish we could go back even for a minute? Time just keeps moving wether we like it or not. Even as I’m writing this I can hear my clock in the kitchen continuously making a tick tick noise. The constant reminder that time never stops but continuously moves. How weird is it that some days can feel so very long but each new year we think and wonder how incredibly fast it went by? Time is truly a gift that I personally never want to take for granite.

I’ll be the first to admit that as precious of a gift life is, it can still be very hard. Each stage of life we go through has its ups and downs. At this moment I’m in the thick trenches of that stay at home mom life. Aria is 5 and in kindergarten Monday-Friday. She has gymnastics class on Mondays and soccer practice Thursdays. My son Lucas in 13 months and going through the stage of being ready to start walking and getting his own personality. My days are honestly crazy! I try my best to keep the house as clean as I can, make sure all laundry is washed and put away, get breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the family, bathe the kiddos and just make sure my families needs are met.

As difficult as life can be for me at this stage of my life, I have to remind myself that it won’t last forever. It is only a season of my life and honestly a precious one at that. One day Lucas will realize he doesn’t need to crawl anymore and is capable of walking! One day he will realize he doesn’t need the middle of the night nursing session to fall back asleep for the remainder of the night. One day he won’t even need to be rocked to sleep. There will also come a day when Aria doesn’t need me to lay with her at night, and sing her special “mommy loves you” song. There will come a day she doesn’t want me to color or play barbies with her or yell for me in the middle of the night when she’s scared. One day my babies won’t be babies anymore but will turn into kids, preteens, teenagers, and young adults. My point in all this is that before I’ll be ready or expecting it those days will come. So even on the hard days I try to remember that this is only a season, and I am completely blessed to be needed as a wife and mother.

I want to encourage you today because sometimes we all need to be encouraged! Wherever you are at in life be thankful and BE blessed. We are not promised tomorrow so I believe it’s important to wake up with gratitude and choose to be our best self everyday. Maybe you are in college and trying to finish your degree, maybe you are in a job that you really don’t like, maybe your relationship is struggling right now, maybe your waiting for the right time to retire, maybe your already retired and are trying to figure out what’s next? I don’t know what your facing today or what season of life your walking through, but I have come to realize something. I believe my elderly neighbor was right and wrong, now let me tell you why. I AM in my Golden Years but so was he.

Our Golden Years are NOW! That means whatever chapter we are on in our book of life MAKE.IT.GOLDEN. Be positive, be thankful, see the “gold” in exactly where were at in life. We don’t have to wait until our kids are easier or grown and moved out, we don’t have to wait until retirement or that perfect job or relationship. Everyday were given let’s decide to wake up thankful and blessed. Let’s choose happiness and not wish the time by for we already know it goes too quickly. Let’s choose to be our best selves and appreciate right where we are in our life. Let’s enjoy each beautiful day and year we are all given.

Hoping we could all be encouraged, and reminded to enjoy TODAY. Hope you all have a beautiful week Golden family! If you have a golden baby squeeze them extra tight today.

Golden Jewel 💎

4 Comments on “The Golden Years”

  1. I think you are a wonderful person! Wise beyond her years. I enjoyed getting to know a bit about you when we were emailing back and forth about Willie. Many younger people forget about being appreciative about all they have in their life and about gratitude.
    It’s easy to fall into that trap right now, I’m recovering from a foot surgery and non weight bearing for 6wks. I’m normally active and this is driving me crazy. Hawk my guardian follows me everywhere.
    I will get my next foster November 3 from Korea, I’m sure we’ll be in touch then!
    Keep up your positivity!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Oh wow thank you so much for you kind words and thanks for taking the time to read it I’m so sorry to hear about your foot surgery! I pray a quick recovery for you! I’m sure another golden will be great medicine!! I should be fostering one too!

  2. I am looking for a mature Golden. I had 2, some years ago, they died, saddest days in my life. I am interested in adopting a dog end of February or March, after knee surgery in January. Thank you for reading my comment.
    Sabine Nocker

    1. Hello and thank you for contacting us. If you are interested in adopting a rescued Golden, please submit an application. If you live outside of Las Vegas, you will need to make arrangements to pick up your Golden in Vegas. Thank you! GWB Volunteer Staff

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