Transformation Tuesday

Good morning Golden family and happy “transformation Tuesday!” What an exciting week its been am I right?! Our first 10 Goldens have officially made it to America after their very long journey! What very strong and brave pups they have been to make it this far. We know they were rescued from a slaughterhouse in China and have never been given the life they were destined to have. Fortunately because of our faithful family of rescuers, fosters, adopters, and, donators we are able to get to know a few today! Let’s officially meet Garth Brooks, Lucille Ball, and Clint Eastwood and their foster families!

First we have Garth Brooks! Kerry Freud, his foster mom has been a long time lover of Golden retrievers. Over the years she has raised them and at one point had one as a therapy dog to take into nursing homes. How special is that?! Its safe to say that she has a huge heart for the golden breed! Kerry currently has a Golden and when she heard about these Goldens being rescued from China, she most definitely wanted to help! At this time in her life she decided that being a foster mom would be the best decision for her and her family. 

Kerry told me Garth Brooks is SUPER SWEET. Him and her other Golden named Hawk are already playing and getting along great! So far she’s noticing that Garth LOVES his toys. Loves them all so much that he tries to stuff as many as he can in his mouth at one time!😂 He is already sitting for treats too. She told me his first night home he cried a little (to be expected) but since then he’s been doing great and adjusting well! Garth absolutely loves his water and drinks a lot of it. Sweet guy considers this a treat. He was able to get lots of love over the weekend from having company over. He LOVED being center of attention. Thank you Kerry for your willingness to foster and give Garth a wonderful and safe home while he await his forever family!


Next we have Clint Eastwood! His foster parents are Nathan and Wendy, and Clint is their first foster. Wendy first heard about GWB a few years back Inside of a Barnes and Noble store where the organization was raising money. They decided that now was the right time for them to help and begin their foster journey. I’m sure I can speak for everyone when I say that they waited with such enthusiasm for Clint to arrive in Vegas last Wednesday! Also waiting with them was their beautiful adopted golden Cooper who looked very excited to meet his foster brother! Wendy and Nathan adopted Cooper through GWB a few years ago too! 

Wendy has described Clint as being a very sweet boy. He does deal with body ticks from having distemper as a puppy. So his whole body ticks like a heartbeat 💔. Other than that Clint is described as being very sweet and compliant. He is super curious about everything, absolutely LOVES to snuggle, and is learning how to play with toys. Clint seems to have fallen in love with Nathan and its looking like the feeling is mutual! Thank you Wendy and Nathan for taking such good care of Clint and showing him ALL the love!

Now let’s meet Lucille Ball! Her foster mom is Ashley! At home Ashley has two dogs that are ready to play! One is a lab mix and the other is a flat coated retriever. Lucille seems to be favoring and playing with her fellow retriever a lot. She is described as being very playful, a cuddle bug, and one who enjoys to nap! She seems to already be well potty trained as there have been no accidents! She already knows to go outside! Ashley says Lucille follows her everywhere and has a little bit of separation anxiety. After some trial and error they have found Lucille does well inside her kennel in their room to sleep through the night. She doesn’t want to be left in her kennel by herself (totally understandable). Thank you Ashley and your husband for opening your home to Lucille and loving on her until she is adopted!

Thank you all so much for letting me bombard you with many questions! I enjoyed getting to learn about Garth, Clint, and Lucille. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that they are all sweet, love to cuddle, and enjoy playing with other dogs. It makes my heart so full and happy that these precious babies are now being treated like royalty, and finally living the life they were meant to live.

On behalf of GWB, thank you for giving your time, love, and  opening your home to our rescues🙏🏻you have truly transformed their world.

Thanks for dropping by and getting to know our first few Goldens! Please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment or email me. I’m hoping to get to know more of the 10 that just arrived! 

Have a wonderful day.


Golden Jewel 💎 

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