The College Football Dogs Arrived

They’re here!  The College Football Dogs — 18 Golden Retrievers from Istanbull — arrived yesterday, bringing AGA’s total of TDs rescued to 231. AGA resumed flights after taking July and August off — it’s too hot in the cargo warehouse for us waiting to board and deplane. There’s no Crown Room for dogs, you know. The plane is nice and air-conditioned, but the warehouse can get hot.

So there were 7 girls and 11 boys on the TD11 plane. I hope you will think about fostering, adopting or donating. All of us TD’s are SO appreciative to AGA for changing our lives forever.

Today is Bath Day and tomorrow is Vet Day, so look for pictures on Facebook! And then watch for all the pictures of the TD11s on the AGA Orphan page this week.

The 18 dogs on the TD11 flight are:

Buzz, 3-4 years old, Cane 3 years old, Punter 3-4 years old, Uga 11-12 months old, Gator 2 years old, Smokey 6 months old, Fumble 2 years old, Seminole 3-4 years old, Coach 4 years old, Commodore 2 years old, Blitz 2 years old, Cheerleader 4-5 years old, Pom Pom 3 years old, Majorette 6-7 years old, Crimson 2 years old, Cymbal 2 years old, Lola 4 years old.

Meet TD11 Cheerleader and TD11 Fumble.

td11-cheerleader     fumble



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  1. Hello, Interested in adopting one of the Goldens. We have a 5 yr old male golden and a 2yr old male blk Lab. Would like information on the process we live in Lad Vegas.

    Thank you,
    Bob & Julie Gallardo

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