Meet ‘the golden retriever man of Bodrum’ and his ‘Golden Crew’

Living in his old minibus parked on the edge of the industrial estate of Bodrum in southwestern Turkey with his 13 dogs, this 56-year-old man has become known as the ‘golden retriever man’ of the touristic district.

Şenol Özbakan has been looking after homeless and abandoned golden retrievers in Bodrum for quite some time now. The number of retrievers he took care of last year was five and now he lives with 13 of his ‘children’ in their minibus home.

Also known as Şenol Captain in Bodrum, the old boatswain said that every afternoon he and his canine friends go to the beach for a swim to cool off in Bodrum’s scorching temperatures and then go for a walk along the marina.

The sight of all of them swimming usually attracts a small crowd with smartphones at the ready.

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