Rescued Love From Taiwan

Rescued Love From Taiwan is a group that brings rescued dogs from Taiwan to the United States. They work with rescue groups in Taiwan and California to coordinate fostering and adopting of these precious dogs. There are thousands of stray dogs in Taiwan. Many of these are purebreds. We have a demand in California for these breeds. We work with rescues in Taiwan to get them here so that we can find the forever homes these dogs deserve.

Seven Golden Retrievers and One Afghan Hound arrived at the San Francisco Airport today.

Click here to view all the smiling faces.

4 Comments on “Rescued Love From Taiwan”

  1. I am a Board member of Rescued Love with Taiwan/True Love Rescue. The information posted is not correct. Did you take this information from our Facebook page or our website We are NOT affiliated with Norcal Golden Retriever Rescue and we only have partners in Arizona (AZGRC)

    Please contact me and we can discuss what information you may post as the information now posted is incorrect.

    Thank you

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